Diabetes is the number one enemy of the heart and blood vessels feeding the heart. Heart attacks are often caused by high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both of these indicators are very high in diabetes.
No. To put it very simply - during a stroke, the blood vessel of the brain is blocked and blood is no longer supplied to the brain. Heart attack, as we have already discussed, is a problem of the heart, and at this time, due to a blood clot or a long spasm, the feeding artery of the heart muscle is choked.


No. This procedure is quite simple and is performed without incision. So it won't take long. The patient is fully conscious at this time. Cardiologist Irakli Gogorishvili recently cited an example of such an operation, which was successfully completed in just 40 minutes.

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. Women did not have this disease before and developed diabetes during pregnancy.
The sugar norm of a healthy person is 110 fasting, and 140 2 hours after eating.
Hyperglycemia is the term used to describe a chronic increase in blood sugar levels.
Diet is crucial in diabetes and if the patient does not eat properly, he will not get the desired results.

A diabetic's menu should not include sweets, pastries, simple carbohydrates, pastries made from white flour, bread and cookies, etc. Vegetables, complex carbohydrates, fish, lean and low-fat chicken meat, fruits that do not contain large amounts of sugar are recommended.