Interventional Cardiology

The catheterization laboratory of the clinic "Healthycore" is equipped with the latest equipment and has been operating since the opening of the clinic.

Under the leadership of Mr. Irakli Gogorishvili, more than 1,500 procedures are performed per year, mostly coronary interventions, using only the latest generation of advanced company stents.

The Catheterization Laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment: two Toshiba inpatient angiographs and one Philips mobile device / equipment to perform not only routine cardiovascular procedures but also hybrid (surgical-interventional) surgeries.

Most of the procedures performed are coronary interventions, However, there are many electrophysiological procedures and vascular studies.

Our statistics today are not inferior to those of the advanced Western centers. The catheterization laboratory employs two interventional cardiologists, one electrophysiologist, and several vascular surgeons.

We strive to work with the latest developments in the world: coronary interventions use only the latest generation of advanced, both drug and absorbent, polymeric stents from advanced companies.

The most sophisticated electrophysiological implantable devices of advanced firms are routinely installed in our clinic. Negotiations are currently underway, for the first time in the Caucasus, to install a transatheter artificial valve. The catheterization laboratory is closely integrated with the other departments of the clinic. Without such cooperation it is practically impossible to achieve the success that our clinic has today.