Safety & Quality

We apply our efforts to attaining the best results;

We double-check our actions to avoid errors;

We ask questions and communicate clearly and accurately;

We do not compromise on quality and use the best materials and medical supplies;


Patient Care

Patient comes first;

We appreciate patients are people and not numbers or results;

We make decisions with the best interest of the patient at heart;

We bring our patients individualized, noble therapies;

We seek to be a trusted healthcare provider and give sense of safety and peace of mind to our patients.


Respect & Compassion

We treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity – the way each of us wants to be treated;

We greet others with a smile and speak in ways that are easy to understand;

We show interest and concern towards the needs of others and do our best to help.

We imagine what our patients and their family members are going through and do our best to alleviate their suffering.


Innovation & Growth

We embrace innovation and tirelessly work on improving our services;

We seek ways to raise the bar;

We embrace challenges and opportunities with confidence and together find solutions;

We are committed to steady and stable business and employee growth;


Teamwork & Collaboration

Together we can find the best solutions and achieve more;

We work together to ensure the best possible care for our patients;

We view our colleagues as trusted members of the team and value their contributions;

We embrace diversity in background, culture and ethnicity and treat all colleagues with respect and dignity;

We give constructive feedback and consider feedback given to us by others; 

We value our partnerships with all our stakeholders.